Saturday, July 15, 2017

Doughnut Vault; Chicago, River North

Mini-Review!!! Visited sister's River North place downtown and got some gems at the Doughnut Vault.  Brother-in-law and I left the kids with wifey and sis and we took a three-block jaunt to the shop. 

About a block away from the shop, I saw a long line outside and rolled my eyes.  I hate lines, and worse yet, the line consisted of sophisticated city Millennials who definitely would smirk at grown men playing with Warhammer and Star Wars figures...  But upon getting close to them, I heard Blackhawk talk and maybe even Disney Parks talk (which is was what brother-in-law and I were talking about) and felt more at ease.  And it got me thinking that we are all in line because we like fine donuts and dammit, I need to stop making generalizations about people.  Along these lines, there's a lot of "generalization" problems going on right now especially between conservatives and liberals in our great country.  Can't we all just enjoy donuts!!??!!!

Anyhoo, the shop isn't bigger than two large Starbucks tables.  Seriously.  It goes without saying that the donuts are freshly made each day, and we left the shop with this...
Doughnut Vault excels at the small assortment of donuts it has- the Old Fashioned, Gingerbread Stack and the Glazed (and a few daily specials).   The donuts are huge, fluffy and made of pure awesomeness (chestnut-flavored iced donuts are a staple of the menu, yeah!!!).  As a reward for waiting through my rambling, here is what you came for- pictures of the donuts!!!
We chose two chestnut glazed, one vanilla glazed, a chocolate glazed, one old fashioned, half a short stack and two confetti donut holes.  From my comment above, you probably could guess that my favorite was the chestnut glazed.
If you are in the River North area, be sure to drop by for one (or two) of these guys and coffee.  Be prepared to wait though; it is well worth it.  Thank you for the read.

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