Friday, July 7, 2017

Unboxing Privateer Press' Widower's Wood Game

Unlucky me.  World's biggest reptile men fan.  Huge Hordes Minions fan because of the Gatormen, giant acid spitting turtles and other denizens of the swamp.  Hater of metal miniatures.  Misser of the Widower's Wood Kickstarter featuring plastic Hordes Minions.

I remember searching the internet one night in April of 2017 and running into the Widower's Wood Kickstarter of March 2016 and seeing all those plastic Kickstarter exclusive Bog Trogs, Gatormen and reptilian war beasts.  That night I decided I must have that Kickstarter Exclusive set... At any cost!!!

Well, June of 2017 rolled around and someone named Pops heavily overpaid for the Widower's Wood Kickstarter Exclusive set (at the cost of trading an entire Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg platoon  with a Demolisher and Sentinel).  Enough about poor me.  Let's get to the unboxing of this awesome set.
Big, big box.  I hit the Kickstarter Exclusive box first.
Extra missions and character cards for the Kickstarter Exclusive heroes.  Oddly, the Kickstarter Exclusive figures were put in the box nude without a plastic bag.  None of them were damaged though (however, my Wrastler was missing his Ironback Spitter shell on his shoulder (PP sent me a replacement for free)).  Here are the Kickstarter Exclusive figures:
The figures are made of a much harder plastic than the Undercity figures and Unleashed figures and are the same size as their Warmahordes counterparts.
Here's shoulder-to-shoulder Warmahordes and Widower's Wood Wrastlers:
Next I opened the actual Widower's Wood game itself.
The board is made of really heavy, nice cardboard.  It'll last a long time.  All the cards have great artwork.
I ended the opening bonanza by opening the Dead Men Walking expansion set.
All the cardboard counters are printed on the same heavy cardboard as the main board.  Ignore the Start Your Own Business book in the background of the picture lol.  Someday I'll have my own game company muwahahahaha!!! 

I'm not going to lie, I'm probably never going to play the game.  Acquiring Widower's Wood was all for the plastic miniatures.  That said, there won't be a review of the game itself.  But the minis and quality of the game materials make Widower's Wood an exceptional game set to me.  I started painting the Ironback Spitter so you can expect a blog entry about my work on it in the near future. Also, I'm getting rid of some of the miniatures I'm not interested in on eBay, and you can check them out here.

Here are some of my favorites from the game.  First, Rasheldonak the Warlock.
Next, the Tatzylwurm Heavy War Beast.
And what's a swamp adventure without zombie Bog Trog Shamblers?
Finally, the game's protagonist, Olo, the Croak Raider.
Thanks for the read, and when Widower's Wood hits the shelf, go grab yourself a copy for some Hordes Minion Swamp Action Love!!!

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