Saturday, July 1, 2017

White Castle; Everywhere in the North (I think)

Quick review of White Castle before my unboxing of Privateer Press' Widower's Wood.  I haven't been to White Castle in about three years.  Yes, the sliders quenched my three-year desire for those small little square burgers.  Nothing has changed about them since my childhood or three years ago.  They are the same mild tasting, juicy square patties smothered in sweeter-tasting onions, all surrounded by soft, moist buns. 

Why the three-year hiatus?  Well, first living in Japan until last October didn't allow us the chance to get our slider fix.  Second, we had an incident where my little one got sick at a White Castle in 2014 due to eating too quickly.  That said, the little one proudly ate three sliders this time and proudly stated she'd be happy to come back again.
We shook up the continuity by ordering Fish Nibbers, which are tasty golden breaded nuggets of white fish (I think).  They were piping hot and much better than the Van De Camp Fish Sticks from the frozen food isle.
White Castle treated us by having one of those million-flavor combination Coke machines.  I went nuts and ordered Cherry Vanilla Coke.
I was able to feed my four-person family for under 25 bucks!!!
Meal for four for under twenty-five bucks? Success!!! What will you order?
Thanks for the read!!!

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