Sunday, July 30, 2017

Quick Thoughts on New Space Marine Codex: Salamanders Captain Tu-Shan= Return of Vulkan?

Got pulled right back into Warhammer 40K and away from Warmahordes this weekend with the purchase of the new Space Marine codex.  Reading this reminds me how much Games Workshop is top dog in the tabletop wargaming industry.  The vast amount of information and quality of the fluff of the codex can't be beat.  It goes without saying that the Space Marines are GW's bestseller, so naturally the codex is an awesome tome of genetically-engineered super human action.  I mean, who wasn't pulled into Warhammer 40K because of the Space Marines?  And if not, which wargamers still don't own a Space Marine army?

The new codex is 208 pages of space mahreen badassness.  The paper is thick, thick stock and the art is beautiful, even if a lot of it is rehashed from other Warhammer publications. 
After a quick read through here are my initial thoughts on it:
  • It doesn't appear that the mini-marines are going anywhere in the near future as they still occupy the majority of the codex.  
  • The Primaris marines account for seven new units with the Intercessors as Troops, Reivers as Elites, Aggressors as Elites, Redemptor Dreadnoughts as Elites, Inceptors as Fast Attack, Hellblasters as Heavy and Repulsor as a transport.
  • Only the Primaris marines can ride in the Repulsor and other marines cannot ride in it.  That makes no sense at all.
  • The Primaris marines cannot ride in any other transports, i.e., the Land Raiders and Stormravens.  That doesn't make any sense at all either.
  • Gravis armor is a +3 save but wearers get an extra point of toughness when donning it.
  • The Primaris chaplain looks like pimp in his trench coat and with his stick.  All he needs is a feather hat to replace his iron halo-looking rosarius.
  • There's a new cheaper HQ for both Primaris and mini-marines called the Lieutenant.
  • The Tartaros Terminators are the most expensive terminators per terminator point-wise.
  • Tu-Shan is referred to as a Captain... Is that any way connected to Vulkan coming back (read the below)?

  • Power fists and thunderhammers got nerfed a bit by only being a -3 armor modifier instead of AP2 under the previous system.
  • Terminator armor got a bit better in melee by still being able to withstand attacks by power fists and thunderhammers.
  • Salamanders are pretty darn good with their re-rolls chapter trait, +1 to wound rolls with flamers stratagem and +1 strength Warlord trait.

Thanks for the read and For the Emperor!!!

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