Sunday, June 25, 2017

Unboxing Games Workshop's 8th Edition Warhammer 40K Dark Imperium Set

Lost amongst the hustle and bustle of wife's birthday and Father's Day was my receipt of Games Workshop's 8th Edition Warhammer 40K Dark Imperium Set as my Father's Day present and part of the purchase from the funds of the sale of my beloved Salamanders.

To be honest, I've never been so impressed by a box set.  This thing just oozed quality.  Upon removing the plastic, I realized that the set was broken up into two boxes within the box.
The top contains the Primaris and Death Guard minis while the bottom box houses the rule books, dice and bases.  Get this- the top box has an artificial seal (sticker) that you have to break open to access the minis.
I broke the seal ("Hehehehehehehe... he said break the seal" in my best Beavis voice) and was able to view the minis and the books in all of their glory.
Here's a close up of the books.
The rule book is a full-sized hardback book with one of those ribbon things to save your place!
The dice aren't those cheapy plasticy dice but rather made of nice clear red acrylic.  The ruler isn't paper but nice clear plastic too!  There's also a mini rule card for the sake of convenient gaming.
Here are my faves, the new true-scale Primaris space marines.

And their counterparts, the contagious, plague-ridden Death Guard.
I've never been more excited about a box set for a game.  If only Privateer Press could deliver something this cool...  But heck, their Widower's Wood game looks pretty good.  I have that coming on the way and will review that too. 

Games Workshop successfully delivered a hit with the quality of the packaging and the awesome minis and books inside.  I'll be back over the next few weeks with posts of my Primaris marines as they are built and painted. 

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