Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cinco de Mayo! Burrito Parrilla Mexicana; Carol Stream, Illinois

Two days, two holidays.  May the Fourth Be With You was immediately followed by Cinco de Mayo.  To celebrate the fifth of May we enjoyed burritos at Burrito Parrilla Mexicana in Carol Stream, right on Schmale Rd., in front of the Home Depot.

Upon entering the restaurant, diners are greeted by a wall of large flat screen T.V.s on the right and a view of the entire kitchen through windows on the left.  The interior is very modern and had it not been for television programming in Spanish, one might not be able to tell Burrito Parrilla is a Mexican restaurant.

The menu choices at Burrito Parrilla are fairly standard, which as expected are burritos and tacos with choices of various meats.  I choose the wet (red chili sauce and melted cheese on top) chorizo burrito and wife choose the three-taco combo with cilantro/onion toppings and beef tongue, chicken and shredded pork as the meats.  The kiddies got the one-taco kiddie meal and cheese enchilada kid meal, respectively.  The kids are allowed to choose fries instead of refried beans as the side, which is a big plus for my guys.  The kid meals came with drinks too.  Wifey and I chose to just drink water, so it was a dinner under 30 bucks, which is pretty nice considering the size of the portions and quality, as explained below.

After sitting down, we were brought two bowls of warm nacho chips and three different salsas, two spicier ones in condiment containers and a very mild one suitable for everyone in a smaller bowl.  This was a pleasant surprise as there is another Mexican place further down the road  toward Wheaton that doesn't offer free ships.  The chips were good, not too oily and too salty.
Within ten minutes later, our order was brought to our table.  My wet burrito was huge!  The ingredients tasted really fresh, especially the greens inside.  The chorizo wasn't too salty and meshed well with the veggies.  Being a wet burrito, it was that, definitely not dry but not soggy at all.  I ate the entire thing and it was very satisfying.  It didn't give me the sick-full feeling you get from consuming too much greasy food.

Wife liked her taco plate a lot.  The corn tortillas were not too dry and like the burrito, they were made from fresh ingredients.  Three tacos were too many for her and I "helped" her by eating the beef tongue taco.  It was my first time trying beef tongue.  I think the tongue is a softer piece of meat that has a more neutral taste than other beef cuts.
All in all, due to the portion sizes, fresh ingredients and value, we would definitely return to Burrito Parrilla.  I give it four tacos out of five tacos for the foregoing reasons.  Thanks for the read!

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