Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Super Mario Happy Meals!!!

As I reach closer and closer to 40, it's extremely rare that a Happy Meal will get me excited.  I mean, there's about zero chance that Deadpool will get a toy assortment that includes a hooker/stripper girlfriend figure, chest-exposed Angel Dust, puking Colossus and a Wade Wilson with a baby arm.

Well, here's one that might have me at McDonald's once, maybe twice a week.  To promote the impossible-to-find-Switch, McDonald's has eight different Super Mario Brothers premiums that may be picked up until May 22nd.  Part of the reason I'm nuts about the figures is my seven-year old is the world's biggest Mario Kart fan.  She can turn any conversion into one about Peach, Luigi and Yoshi.  In fact, she once told me that she never gets sad at school because she can always just think about Mario.  The other part of the reason is the figures are just cool.  There's a Luigi that shoots out of a pipe, a Mario that lights up like he's in invincible mode and a red Koopa shell that zig-zags around once pulled back, amongst other cool figures.  Check out the picture below for the different prizes available.

The little one's favorite character in the Mario world is Baby Peach, a baby version of Princess Peach.  That said, she loves the Princess in all shapes and forms.  Looking at the above assortment, there was a one-in-eight chance of my little princess getting the princess.  Already preparing for the almost inevitable of not getting her first choice, while in line, my daughter told me that she would be happy even if she got the evil Bowser.  Her reasoning was that she needed a villain for the rest of her Mario figures to square off against.  While waiting, the cashier gave my daughter her drink for the meal, chocolate milk.  Even the milk containers are Mario themed.  Nintendo and McDonald's went all out for this promotion.
The food took longer than expected and my family retreated to the table.  When I finally got our food, I walked back with the treasure.  We went without soft drinks and the whole meal was only $13.79.  Not bad at all for a family of four.  I nervously looked at the Happy Meal box and prayed to the Mario gods for a Princess Peach.
I sat down and distributed the meal items.  My youngest one was handed her Happy Meal box last.  We all stopped what we were doing and watched the little one open the box.  Time seemed to stop as she reached her hand into the McDonald's treasure chest.  In slow motion she pulled out...

Princess Peach!!!  We all shouted in joy.  It seriously was my happiest moment in two months with the job situation and the Blackhawks being eliminated in the first round.  We hugged each other and enjoyed the precious moment.  The relief of getting Peach on the first try is enormous.  This bit of luck definitely saved us multiple trips back to McDonald's.  However, even though we got Peach, we plan on returning as the toys are pretty darn cool. 

Thanks for the read and go get yourself some Mario Happy Meals.


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