Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hong Kong Cafe; Schaumburg, Illinois

Here's a family favorite.  We've been going to Hong Kong Cafe on Algonquin Road in Schaumburg for years, maybe since the mid-90's.  Why?  Great food and good prices.  They say you can judge how good an ethnic restaurant's food is by the people that eat there; that is, if the crowd is largely composed of people from the country of the food's origin, it's authentic and good.  That said, it's no surprise you hear lots of Cantonese Chinese coming from the tables of Hong Kong Cafe's patrons.

Last Saturday we picked up Grandma (who was born and raised just outside Hong Kong) and met Dad there for lunch.  We ordered a no-frills lunch meaning no 'bubble" tapioca drinks or appetizers.  Dad ordered duck over rice:

Awesome duck sauce is all I can say about his dish.   My daughter ordered shrimp wonton noodles:

The wonton noodles are a specialty at Hong Kong Cafe.  You have to try them.  If you like a variety, order the Super Bowl which has shrimp wontons, fish balls and beef balls among the noodles.  I ordered the sweet and sour chicken:

Damn that was good, fresh and lots of it.  Fresh pineapple, not the canned type.  So the food is good and affordable, people from Hong Kong eat there and the decor?   The decor is clean and modern, not a hole in the wall.

Dad foot the bill, which was around 50 bucks for the six of us.  Not bad at all.  They have weekly lunch specials that are five to nine dollars.  As the menu states, I feel that Hong Kong Cafe has the "Best Chinese Food in the Area."  I give it five egg rolls out of five egg rolls.  Thanks for the read, and make it out to Hong Kong Cafe if you have the chance. 

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