Friday, May 19, 2017

My Next Project: Hordes Minions Gatorman Posse

Got another project finished earlier this week.  These guys took about two weeks to complete.  Before I even start talking about them, I have to admit I am exhausted.  Some dude's car alarm had a problem and every two hours (or when the wind blew), it went off.  Gotta love apartment life.  Finally at 6am, I couldn't fall back asleep again. 

As to the Gators, I pretty much used the same painting technique and paints as I did for the Wrastler, layers of inks and dry brushing.  Damn there goes that God awful alarm again.

Like the Wrastler, these guys had some gaps that needed filling.  I used green stuff on the gaps, as in the below.  Privateer miniatures, while sculpted awesomely well, have lots of flash.  That had to be removed with an Xacto knife.

Once cleaned, filled and prepped, they were ready for priming, which was done with Tamiya grey primer.  And then after they dried, they got a layer of flat Tamiya dark yellow.

About three successive layers of green ink was applied to the Gator skin.

Three successive layers of black ink on the back scales.  Brown ink on the Gator bellies.

Mouths and teeth were done in the same manner as the Wrastler.   Mouths were a red ink/white paint mix with a wash of diluted red ink and then dry brush of much lighter red ink/ white paint mix.  Teeth were painted bleached bone, washed with brown ink and then dry brushed with bleached bone.  Pole arms had two layers of brown ink with a gold layer on the blades, then for the blades, followed by a heavy layer of brown ink and a dry brush of bronze.

Eyes took forever.  Yellow layer paint with a black iris. Claws bleached bone, brown ink and bleached bone dry brush.

For the head dress on the leader, I paid homage to the Blackhawks for the feathers and painted them red, yellow, green and orange.  First I painted the feathers a base layer of those colors.  Next I inked them, using green for the green, light brown for the orange, red for the red and light brown for the yellow.  The feathers were then dry brushed lighter respective shades of their colors.  Finally, I added a second dry brush layer for each of the feathers; really light green for the green feather, white for the yellow feather, orange for the red feather and yellow for the orange feather.

And there you have it, a painted Gatorman posse to join the Wrastler.  I picked up some Circle of Orboros minis in a trade and have started them.  As a result, expect a Circle post in the near future. Thanks for the read. 

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